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Merchant Cash Advance

Suppliers and subcontractors financing

We’ve got the tools you can use to increase sales and enhance your company’s offer. Choose solutions to benefit your customers!

You do the business, we’ll do the finance.

Effective financial solutions for your business

Offer convenient installments to your business customers. With this solution, buyers can place orders and spread their payments over 3, 6, 9, 12, 24 or 36 installments.

The entire process runs online, so the funds hit your account minutes after sending the form.

Don’t let customers, who want to shop or order a service, but don’t have spare funds at the moment, abandon your offer.

Offer them deferred payment instead, so they can pay for their company purchases in 14, 21, 30, 45 or even 60 days after placing an order.

Offer your merchants advance payments, paid towards their future sales.

All the installments merchants pay will be automatically debited from their wallet or account on your platform.

Pay contractors on the spot without spending a single penny of your own money.

Use our financing solutions – we will pay your suppliers and subcontractors for invoices issued to your company immediately. You’ll pay us later, according to the date on the invoice.

Who can become our partner?

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Working with is all about access to diverse financial services that will encourage customers to choose your offer over competitors’. What do you get by partnering with us?

A better deal for your customers

Higher average cart value

Contractor loyalty

Access to funds without risk

Unlock the benefits for you and your customers!

Successful cooperation with partners

We establish partnerships with companies in all industries, and our cooperation brings tangible benefits. The numbers speak for themselves:


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What do the partners say?

Check out what our long-time partners think about working with!

Allegro partnerem PragmaGO

Ewa Kraińska

B2B Financial Services Senior Manager, Allegro

We are working with PragmaGO to offer modern financing methods for companies that sell on Allegro. Our choice of partnership wasn’t accidental. From the very beginning, PragmaGO demonstrated not only professionalism and promptness but, most importantly for me, flexibility and willingness to experiment. Together, we create a new quality in the market of corporate financial tools for ecommerce sector. Above all, we are guided by the idea of searching for the essential characteristics of the sector. Starting from product design and UX, to technology solution, we build outstanding solutions for the industry. This is what sets our financial methods and products apart from those available in the industry. PragmaGO is not afraid to take risks and try new solutions. They actively participate in strategy building and are heavily involved in every project.
Shoper - partner PragmaGO

Łukasz Piechowiak

Head of Financial Services, Shoper

Cooperation with PragmaGO is very smooth and based on partnership. Our shared commitment to product development and improvement stands out. These are based on the best technologies and years of experience in online business financing. Online stores using the Shoper platform need financing that is technologically advanced, flexible, fast and transparent – which is exactly what PragmaGO delivers. As a result, the customer can apply for a convenient and attractively priced loan literally in a few minutes. Without leaving home, completely online, day or night. The money can then be used to further develop their e-shop exactly when they need it and when it is convenient for them. Thanks to the cooperation with PragmaGO, our users can experience the practical benefits of implementing modern fintech solutions in business.

Enter the Partner Zone

After we establish cooperation, you will get access to the Partner Zone.

This is a convenient panel in which you can check billing, and contract statuses. You can also contact us and download useful marketing and integration materials.

Wygodna Strefa partnera PragmaGO

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PragmaGO services offered within Comfino payment gateway gives entrepreneurs a much desired flexibility with up to 100K PLN financing.