Merchant Cash Advance

Meet Merchant Cash Advance (MCA), a service that allows customers of your e-commerce platform or marketplace to enjoy financing in installments that match their turnover.

Merchant Cash Advance

Flexible financing for merchants -Merchant Cash Advance

Maximum benefits for you and your merchants

What do you gain from our cooperation?

Competitive advantage – financing offer will convince smaller companies
Loyalty of merchants – with attractive terms on your platform, they won’t look for alternatives
Increased merchant activity – with increased buying power, your platform customers will be more likely to use your services
Saves time and resources – new solutions will be available in your environment, so sellers can take advantage of them right away

What does the merchant gain?

A customized financing proposal created based on transaction history
Quick financing decision – even in 3 minutes!
Up to PLN 150,000 for business expenses in the form of a revolving financing limit
Convenience and flexibility with installments tailored to turnover

How does Merchant Cash Advance financing work?

Establishing cooperation
We will talk about the opportunities that Merchant Cash Advance offers. We’ll establish a partnership, and you’ll have time to inform merchants about the availability of the new service.
Offer and decision
Acting on the basis of data from your platform, we will make customized financing proposals to merchants. The financing decision is made even in a few minutes, and to accept the contract, all you need is an SMS code. All this is done instantly and in the environment of your platform.
Information on the use of financing
PragmaGO will provide you with information about the conclusion of a loan by your merchant. You will also receive data on what percentage of the merchant’s turnover will be taken from the merchant’s account to pay installmentsy.

Successful cooperation with partners

We work with small, medium and large companies. We focus on building long-term relationships and mutual benefits. The numbers speak for themselves!


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What do the partners say?

Allegro partnerem PragmaGO

Ewa Krainska

B2B Financial Services Senior Manager, Allegro

We have partnered with PragmaGO to create an offering of modern financing methods for companies on Allegro. The choice of partner was not accidental. PragmaGO from the beginning showed not only professionalism and speed of action, but, what was most important for me, flexibility and readiness to experiment. Together we are creating a new quality in the market of corporate financial tools in the ecommerce sector. Above all, we are guided by the idea of searching for the essential features that characterize the sector. Starting from product design, UX to technology solution, we build solutions for this industry. This is what sets our financial methods and products apart from those available in the industry. PragmaGO is not afraid to take risks and try new solutions. It actively participates in strategy building and is heavily involved in every project.
Shoper - partner PragmaGO

Lukasz Piechowiak

Head of Financial Services, Shoper

Cooperation with PragmaGO is very smooth and in full partnership. It is distinguished by a shared commitment to product development and improvement based on the best technologies and years of experience in online business financing. E-stores using the Shoper platform need financing that is technologically advanced, flexible, fast and transparent – which is exactly what PragmaGO delivers. As a result, the customer, literally in a few minutes, without leaving home, completely online, regardless of the time of day or night, can apply for a convenient and attractively priced loan, which he can use to further develop his e-shop. Exactly when he needs it and when it is convenient for him. Thanks to the cooperation with PragmaGO, our users can see for themselves “firsthand” the practical benefits for business of implementing truly fintech solutions.

Pick up free materials in the Partner Zone

As part of the cooperation, you will receive access to the Partner Zone. You will find dozens of useful materials that you can successfully apply in communicating with your customers.

The package includes advertising banners, social media posts, ready-to-go mailings or, finally, instructions on how to use the service for customers. You can also use our swagger and API documentation.

Wygodna Strefa partnera PragmaGO

Contact for partners

Agata Lisowska - Key Partnership Manager

Agata Lisowska

Key Partnership Manager B2B