Financing for suppliers
and subcontractors

Are deferred payments considered typical in your industry? Offer immediate payment of invoices to your suppliers and subcontractors without committing your budget. We will finance your invoices right away, and you’ll pay us according to payment terms we agree on. Check out what you can get as a partner!

Supplier financing
and subcontractors

Suppliers and subcontractors financing

What do you get by becoming a partner?

You don’t have to use your company’s resources. Customers pay, we provide the service, you develop your business.

It’s your call whether to confirm the legitimacy of invoices and payment terms. Do it conveniently in the Partner Zone. All it takes is just a single click.

How to launch financing for suppliers and subcontractors?

Let’s talk and start working together
First, we’ll contact you to share some details about the terms of the partnership. If what you hear suits you, we can establish cooperation. If not, we’ll keep trying to find common ground.
Business meeting
We can organize a meeting during which we will examine your company’s needs and prepare a tailored offer. We will help you by taking care of UX and UI. Our job is to show you exactly how financing suppliers and subcontractors will look like on the platform you use.
We will help you implement and integrate financing for suppliers and subcontractors and provide you with ready-to-use marketing assets. We can also share our knowledge with salespeople in your team. During the workshop, we’ll share detailed information about our products, and if necessary, we will conduct technical seminars.

We provide marketing support for your business

To support your company’s efforts to introduce contractors to new financial services, we will provide you with marketing assets. Among them you will find:

Landing pages filled with information
Ready-to-send mailings
Onboarding materials for shippers
Graphic files and content you can share on social media
Information on transport orders with QR codes
Ready-to-implement widgets
Materiały reklamowe do pobrania dla naszych partnerów

We are trusted by 3.500 carriers

Our solutions are used by thousands of carriers. We have joined forces with brands recognized around the world.

We are working with HiT Transport
Teleroute partners with PragmaGO
Enpire - PragmaGO partner
Abakus Logistics partnerem PragmaGO
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TSL Nordic
Logo SM Spedition
Logo Extrego
Logo Multicco Group
Współpracujemy z HiT Transport

Hubert Szawaryński

Chairman of the Board of Hit International Transport, Forwarding and Logistics Sp. z o. o.

During our cooperation with PragmaGO S.A., which goes for several years now, we appreciate the very good communication, clearly defined terms and conditions for our subcontractors, who are happy to use PragmaGO services, and the continuous development of the company, which offers us new solutions regularly.

Explore the Partner Zone

Once we establish a partnership, you will get access to the Partner Zone – a convenient panel in which you can confirm the legitimacy of your subcontractors’ invoices and change their payment terms.

We don’t need paper assignments – your employees can accept several invoices with a single click, thus saving time.

The invoice acceptance panel in the Partner Zone will give you control over your transactions and full payment security.

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Adam Byro - Manager ds. Partnerów strategicznych

Adam Byro

Head of Subcontractors Financing