Simple integration

Launching financial services on your platform requires integrating our system with yours.

The whole process is easy, quick and adjustable. Choose the type of integration that suits you best and launch your new payment methods in no time!

Simple integration

Partner integration methods

We offer four integration methods – each works slightly different, so you can choose the one that works best for your company.

Full integration via REST API

Pełna integracja przez REST API

It’s a comprehensive integration that allows you to implement financial products entirely in your environment. With this option, the customer fills out an application on your platform or in your store, and accepts the terms and conditions there. With full integration, the entire financing process runs on your side!

Partial REST API integration

Niepełna integracja przez REST API

This is an incomplete option that allows you to perform some of the steps of the financing process within your environment, while the rest runs in PragmaGO premises. If you choose incomplete integration, some of customer’s data will be sent from your platform automatically to PragmaGO, but the customer will have to complete the remaining part of the application process on our site.

Link integration

Integracja z użyciem odnośnika

In this variant, all you need to do is add links to your environment in the appropriate places. The link should lead to the application on the PragmaGO website. Your customers will then have to fill out the financing application from start to finish themselves, and they will have the option to accept the contract through the PragmaGO Customer Zone.

Integration via e-commerce plugin

Integracja za pomocą wtyczki dla e-commerce

Do you want to perform the integration without engaging the team of developers? Take advantage of ready-made plug-ins for the most popular e-commerce systems. With them, you can run installments for companies using e-commerce platforms, such as SkyShop or Shoper. Deferred payments, on the other hand, can be all set up using Selly and CairoSoft plugins.