Easy shopping, satisfied customers
and increased sales

We make shopping easy in two ways – with PragmaPay your customers can pay later or split the payment into up to 12 instalments. This makes them more likely to buy.

Łatwiejsze zakupy, zadowoleni klienci
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We are already increasing sales in these companies:

Allegro partner PragmaGO
We work with PrestaShop
Cairosoft partners with PragmaGO
Walutomat among PragmaGO partners
Shoper - PragmaGO partner
TIM - PragmaGO partner
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What do you gain?

PragmaPay is two solutions in one, each bringing tangible benefits to you and your customers. See how PragmaPay can change your business!

You gain:

Up to 3x more revenue from BNPL transactions
Loyal and satisfied customers – up to 81% return after using deferred payment
An easy way to increase your competitive advantage

Your customers gain:

The choice between deferred payment (14, 30 or 60 days) or instalments (up to 12 months)
Immediate financing decision up to 3 minutes
Processing of orders up to PLN 50,000

PragmaPay step by step

When placing an order, the customer chooses whether to defer payment for 14, 30 or 60 days or to pay in instalments (3, 6, 9 or 12).
He or she then verifies the company’s bank account number.
PragmaGO pays for the purchase immediately and the seller processes the order.

In addition, the customer receives a free limit for future purchases, which can be used to finance future expenses. The limit is free and costs nothing to maintain. The limit is non-committal and costs nothing to maintain.

Easy integration

We want to make integration with PragmaPay as easy as possible, so you can implement it at your site and start earning as soon as possible. See how easy it is!

Want to know more about integration with PragmaPay? Read the documentation.

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Today you can make your business more attractive and your customers’ lives easier – all with one decision! Earn more with PragmaPay! Start earning more with PragmaPay!