Deferred payment for B2B

Case Study

SPIDWELD is an online platform that supplies customers with specialized tools, materials and equipment for the welding industry. The platform provides services for both individual and business customers.

Deferred payment for B2B

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Why was Flex Payment created?

After careful consideration of the needs of SPIDWELD platform customers, we created Flex Payment, a payment method that allows businesses to defer payment for orders placed for 14, 21, 30, 45 or 60 days.

How does Flex Payment work?

Business customers who use the SPIDWELD platform can from now on choose PragmaGO deferred payment for businesses when placing an order – just check the appropriate option and confirm the order.

Deferred payment of PragmaGO at SPIDWELD

In response, the customer will receive an e-mail, containing a proforma and a link to the PragmaGO application.

Mail with proforma for purchases at SPIDWELD

In the next step, the customer fills out the form and attaches a file with the proforma received in the message. Now all you have to do is choose a convenient payment date and send the application.

The entrepreneur will then receive access to the Client Zone – there he can accept the offer by entering the code from the SMS message. Later, the Customer Zone will be used to manage financing.

Customer Zone

Once the transaction is approved, PragmaGO immediately pays the order to SPIDWELD’s account, while the customer finalizes the payment at a later date, according to the previously selected option.

Benefits for SPIDWELD customers

PragmaGO grants SPIDWELD business customers financing of up to PLN 100,000. These funds can be spent on any business-related purchases

You too can offer your customers deferred payment for B2B

Introduce new payment methods that can achieve up to three times the value of your shopping cart.