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Deferred payments for companies and business installments – how to introduce them in your store?

More and more online stores are introducing the option of deferred payment or payment in installments. While this does not surprise anyone in the consumer sector, until recently this type of financial solutions for companies were rare and often burdened with many limitations. Today the situation is completely different.
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Are flexible payment terms important for business customers?

Business customers looking for the perfect place to shop are primarily guided by price, just like individual customers – this is obvious and cannot be disputed. However, the situation is different when the user focuses on a product or service and plans to make a one-off purchase, and when he or she is looking for a place (store) to which he or she could potentially return (for example, to buy something else from the same category or to stock supplies regularly). into selected goods). In the latter case, price still plays a large (perhaps still the biggest) role, but other aspects are also gaining importance – customer service, safe and fast transport, as well as the above-mentioned flexibility of payment methods.

Why is it worth implementing deferred payments and installments for PragmaPay companies in your e-store?

Customer expectations are one thing – they are extremely important, and their needs should always be taken into account if you want to make your store attractive to them. However, it is worth comparing them with the costs of implementing new payment methods and the real benefits of expanding the offer of financial solutions.

What will you gain with PragmaPay?

The first and most important difference you can expect is an increase in turnover. Entrepreneurs, having more flexible payment methods at their disposal, are more willing to make purchases for larger amounts. They know that they can take advantage of deferred payment on attractive terms, and this increases the store’s turnover – even threefold!

According to internal research, as many as 81% of our customers value the opportunities offered by PragmaPay so much that they return to the same store to make repeat purchases. This is a great opportunity to build a bond with your customers and gain loyal, regular users of your e-store.

It’s better to give a choice than to expect the client to adapt to the restrictions. Payment convenience is an extremely important aspect of online shopping. By enabling your customers to make payments in the most convenient way (payment in advance, deferred payment or installments), you build a competitive advantage. Entrepreneurs are more willing to shop in a store that offers the possibility of deferring payments for 30 days than in one that requires immediate payment – sometimes even if it involves a price difference in favor of a less flexible solution.

PragmaPay can be implemented in the payment gateway used by your store or directly on the sales platform (e.g. Shoper, PrestaShop). In this way, this solution will become an integral part of the shopping experience, and customers will complete their purchases conveniently, without having to go to third-party websites.

What will your customers gain?

Choice – each of your business customers will be able to pay standardly, but also:

  • spread the payment into installments (up to 12 months),
  • buy now and pay later – in 14, 30 or even 60 days.

An experience similar to using consumer financial services. An application for deferment of payment or installment payment is simple and short, and the decision is made in a maximum of 3 minutes.

That’s not all – with the deferred payment service or convenient installments, the customer receives a free limit that can be used to finance further company purchases in the future. What may be particularly important for your customers is the fact that the limit does not oblige you to anything and, above all, keeping it ready is free of charge.

Invoice today, payment in 60 days – payment deferral and installments step by step

The above-mentioned benefits include the simplicity of PragmaPay. The entire process from the customer’s perspective can be summarized in just three steps.

Step one: choosing a payment method. When all the necessary products and services are in the buyer’s basket, at the purchase summary stage, the entrepreneur chooses between deferred payment or paying it in installments. Payment deadline extension is available for 14, 30 or 60 days. The purchase can be divided into 3, 6, 9 or 12 installments.

Step two: The customer now needs to verify the company bank account number. It is at this stage that the possibility of granting financing is checked. The answer comes quickly – within three minutes.

Step three: when a positive decision is made, PragmaGO transfers funds to your store’s account immediately, and you can proceed with the order. In this arrangement, everyone wins. Your company receives funds immediately, the customer does not have to commit his funds, and the order is processed immediately.

So how can we ensure that business customers can use new business payment methods without any problems?

Help customers buy and pay as they want!

Implementing deferred payments and installments for corporate clients is easy thanks to the integration we have prepared. We offer several implementation methods thanks to which you can start using PragmaPay without any obstacles and benefit from new payment methods in your store. We have prepared full API documentation for your IT team, which explains all technical aspects of the implementation and dispels a number of doubts that may arise during the implementation.

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