Gain knowledge
and grow your business

In the process of business development, knowledge acquisition is crucial. That’s why we want to share what we know and regularly publish articles that can be helpful to our Partners. We invite you to read more!

Gain knowledge
and grow your business

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Upselling – what is it and how to use this method?

Learn how to increase sales through upselling, which is selling a product or service of greater value.

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Unfinished shopping – learn the reasons for shopping cart abandonment and how to remedy it!

Abandoned shopping cart is a problem for many store owners. We suggest how to deal with this problem.

7 minutes of reading

Omnibus directive – what is it and when does it come into effect?

How will the directive affect online and traditional trade? Learn about the new responsibilities of vendors.

7 minutes of reading

How to increase sales on allegro?

6 effective ways to increase sales on allegro.

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Are you making B2B sales?

Introduce new payment methods that can achieve up to three times the value of your shopping cart.