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How to increase sales on allegro?

Selling on allegro.pl is one of the most popular ways to run an online store in Poland. Just setting up an account takes a few moments, and the seller doesn’t need any specialized software or tools to start selling products. Not surprisingly, many companies start by running an account on allegro, and even as stores grow and mature to create their own stores, they often don’t give up selling through allegro.pl. However, one of the most pressing issues is how to increase sales on allegro and how to stand out in the crowd of other stores? We have several ways to do it!
Read our guide to find out:

Way one: take the time to set up your Allegro account

Choosing a corporate account is standard, but it is worth mentioning – a private account on allegro also allows you to sell, but only through Allegro Locally. What’s more, Allegro’s business account gives you the opportunity to become a Super Seller, and also includes an invoice account or allows you to display the trader’s data next to the listing description.

Way two: make sure your offers are attractively presented

When you put up a listing, you need to describe it as best as possible in 50 characters, because that’s the character limit for the title. Make sure to include key information, such as the product title or name and the manufacturer’s name, and if there is enough space, other data, such as the material or weight of the product (if applicable).

Thumbnails are a separate issue – many vendors simply use photos or graphics provided by the manufacturer. However, some choose to create their own template to differentiate their offerings from the rest. In the era of combined bids on allegro, this does not matter much, but it certainly does not hurt.

Once they get to the offer, a potential customer will look for elements that will convince them to buy, so it’s important to give them plenty of reasons to do so. When creating an offer to sell a product on Allegro, remember:

  • precise description – make sure the description is understandable and leaves no doubt. Wanting to catch a customer in a mistaken purchase is a tactic that only works for very short distances. The description should be written to include the benefits the purchase will bring to the customer. So don’t just focus on product features.
  • professional photos – a well-presented offer must have professional photos. You can, of course, use the manufacturer’s photos, but enriching your offerings with original photographs can significantly increase buyer engagement.
  • distinctive elements – consistent visual identification of the offer is a good practice that will allow customers to recognize the other auctions of your store among the multitude of offers of other stores.

Way three: consider creating a single account for each type of product

Conducting sales from several accounts at the same time is not unheard of on allegro, let alone against the rules, but it has its drawbacks. If a customer is looking for several different products, it can be an added advantage for him to take advantage of free shipping with one package from one seller. Since the introduction of the Allegro Smart service, this has much less significance, but it can still be important to a potential customer.

Also consider that organizing the work of an online store combined with the need to operate on multiple accounts at the same time is a slightly more difficult task, which requires the use of appropriate software for managing multiple accounts simultaneously.

Way four: provide quality customer service

However, reviews are not everything – one of the important features of Allegro is the ability to open a chat with the seller. In this way, the buyer can pass questions about the order placed, make a complaint or contact on any other matter. Allegro measures the frequency of responses, so if you leave customers’ questions unanswered or respond after a few days, your account rating will drop.

Involvement in the customer experience brings another tangible benefit – it is one of the conditions for receiving the Super Seller label on Allegro. More details in the next section.

Way five: use Allegro tools

Allegro Ads

Super Seller

Allegro Smart

Allegro Coins

Way six: offer deferred payment

First: it’s an attractive solution for customers – the ability to pay at a later date gives your store’s customers more options. They can make purchases even if they currently have no spare funds and their liquidity is not at risk. In the case of financing purchases through Allegro Pay Business, the entrepreneur does not have to wait long for a decision – this one is made within minutes.

Second: whether the customer takes advantage of deferred payment or not, your company still gets the money right away. PragmaGO (provider of the Allegro Pay Business service) sends a transfer to the seller’s account right after the order is placed.

Deferred payment in Allegro is a classic example of a win-win situation, i.e. circumstances in which each side wins – the customer gains more flexible purchasing options and the seller gains a more attractive offer.


We suggest you start by looking at your account configuration and then consider whether you have the time, resources and need to manage several Allegro accounts. Whatever you choose, remember that it is the fourth point – that of taking care of the customer – that can be crucial in the long run. Good luck!

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